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Please Share This.

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Due to the abuse I've endured from [redacted] over the past two years

I won’t be the same again. Please share this. I truly apologize to everyone

I didn't believe, to everyone I invalidated in regard to [redacted].

Please share this. He has threatened to kill me & has put his hands on me

multiple times, left constellations from the way he forced himself into me,

forced my body against the edge of the wall. Please share this. He got me

pregnant against my will, circulated videos & pictures he took of me

my naked body in distress. He gaslit me into a truth meant to control me

when he told me the diner was the psych ward & snuck pills into my milkshake.

Please share this. When I asked him for some time apart, he stole everything:

my bankcard, my money, my car & went for a cross-country joyride & crashed

& when I told him never not even to bother coming back he instead tore into me

broke into my apartment & broke into my apartment & broke into my apartment

I’ve moved three times in the past eight months, & he still has found out

where I live. I’ve changed the locks & schools & jobs & my number again

& again & again & again & I tried to file a PFA & the cops sided with him

& my lawyer said because he’s my husband there’s nothing I can do about it.

I don’t believe in the police anymore. Please share this. I found a list he keeps

of women, of what he’s done to them, along with their pictures in a desktop folder

& he refuses to get help. I have no resources left. Please share this. I need help.

I need to be safe. Please share this. There is no money. Please share this.

There is no force. Please share this. There is nowhere I feel safe.



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