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Congratulations to all the Winners and Honorees in 

The 2024 Plentitudes Prizes

* * *


Guest Judge: Joss Lake

First Place: Slackdrop by Jenna Bly

Second Place: The Stone Man's Harem by Helen Han Wei Luo

Third Place: Visa Gods by Ber Anena


Nature by Dwayne Scott Davis

Sprint for Integrity by Iris Harris

Shattered Cup by Mario René Padilla

Certain Dark Things by Kayli Paulston

Small by Sharon Lee Snow

Trip, Fall by Kem Joy Ukwu

Honorable Mentions

Flight of Fancy by Paul Byall

Absolution by Nancy L. Davis

Jesus Wept by Dennis Reed

Trash by Elizabeth Quirk

White Flag by Tara Williams

* * *


Guest Judge: Daniel Allen Cox

First Place: I Dream of Mermaids, Memories, Shapeshifting and Serpents by Alisha Acquaye 

Second Place: The Myth of the Perfect Victim by Emily Withnall  

Third Place: A Traveling Pantry by Kosisochukwu W. Ugwuede


Queering the Island by Robin Carstensen

family/bił kééhashtʼíinii stories by Anne Gudger

Calamity by B.C. Reynolds

Telephones by Faith Shearin

Dragonflies by Sean Wang

Night and Day by Thalia Williamson

Honorable Mentions

A Routine of Impermanence by Désirée Jung

How She Suffered by Sarah Orman

Jesus Wept by Dennis Reed

Breeding in Captivity by Amelia Skinner Saint

Snapshots by Tori Weston

* * *


Guest Judge: Mahtem Shiferraw

First Place: After I give you the great American novel by K. Hari 

Second Place: GONEWOMAN by Molly Pershin Raynor  

Third Place: Flood Elegy by Lillian Emerick Valentine


Do You Speak Spanish? by Porsha Allen

Proxy Season by Megan Duffy

The Sunken Cathedral by Hilde Weisert

November by Caroline Wellman

Editors' Final Round Picks

Routine by AJ Baumel

Just Like It Had Before by Taylor Bland

Olam HaBa by Bay Colt

June 12, 2020 by Joy Johnston

Self-portrait as St. Petersburg by Olga Mexina

Subversion by Amanda Powell

Guadalupe by Linda Ravenswood

Father of Two by Jendi Reiter

Learning to Read a Compass by Kristen Richards

Tía rebuilds her house as she snores by Purvi Shah

* * *

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Congratulations to all the Winners, Finalists, and Honorable Mentions in the 2023 Inaugural Plentitudes Prizes

* * *


Guest Judge: Nigel Collett

First Place: The Greyhound by Alan Sincic

Second Place: When You Used to Love Me by Cindy Dean Jones

Third Place: From the Blind, Peruvian Amazon by Peggy Shrum


Experience Sisters by Sandra Eliason

Too Late by Cynthia Carlisle Fields

Irina, Act II by Madeleine Jullian

The John Problem by Judith Stiles

On (God) Mothering by Haley Swanson

Honorable Mentions

In Strange Company by J.D. Mathes

The Hurricane by Lynne Schmidt

* * *


Guest Judge: Tia Clark

First Place: No, Marty is Not on Instagram by Shayla Frandsen

Second Place: Diomedéa by Sandra Jackson-Opoku
Third Place: Empty Dresses by Lisa Michelle Corn


American Cockroach by Rachel Chapman

The Prank Caller by Greta Klassen

Twenty Four Years Later by Iris Harris

Pigs by Ronald McGuire

Our Little Manila by Alessandro Romero

Someday I'll Love You by Sara Surani

Honorable Mentions

Easy Mondays by Lena Benenstein

Passing Strangers by Holly Woodward

* * *


Guest Judge: Leah Umansky

First Place: Love (in the Shade of Midnight Blue) by Nicole Buzzelli

Second Place: The Rock by R.B. Simon
Third Place: Echoes of Diaspora by River 瑩瑩 Dandelion


Weedkiller by Jonathan Fletcher

Decay, 1981 by H.E. Fisher

The Sky is (Not) Falling by Hassan A. J.

Reunion by Amanda Leon

The Hungry by C.L. Liedekev

Like a Good Man Does by Rachel Mikita

Windshield Glass by Lynne Schmidt

Yegors Memory by Sylvain

Honorable Mentions

Supermarket by Eva Gonzalez

Causality Study, Bosnia, 1996 by Laura Joyce-Hubbard

romanced by wrath, unspoken by Sofia Linn Macías

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Image by Tareq Ajalyakin

The plentitudes prizes

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