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Grocery Store

/ Poetry /

I wanna go to the grocery store with you.

In your presence, the mundane is an adventure too.

I wanna run down the aisles like a little girl

You can help direct me so I don’t

Bump into anyone as I twirl.

Can we check all the eggs in the carton

Make sure that none of the babies were cracked or


I never cared about any of this before

But now I find myself crying

Over every shell





I wanna cook for you

Like we’re our parents.

Wine and Dine out on the terrace

Red lipstick, White pearls

Your Chestnut Brown curls

Cascade down your Cheek

I’ve nothing to critique.

Can we forget all the plates and just picnic

Drink out the bottle, lips stained crimson


After all this time



Still intertwined

I need a word that’s stronger

For it’s more than love

I want to invent a word

To show you it’s something I’ll never let go of.

I want to say it more poetic – in a way I won’t regret it

But I’ve found no other phrase to be true.

The closest thing that I can think of –

It sounds pretty simple –

It’s just:

I wanna go to the grocery store with you.


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