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The Plentitudes is a quarterly international literary journal founded in New York City.

Each issue showcases a selection of captivating stories, essays, and poetry from diverse voices. 

A short history of my personal eclipse

By Joseph Byrd

/ Poetry /

Half seeing is whole seeing, if being clear is the ultimate opacity.

Once I had the audacity to be

found singing soprano in my middle-school cafeteria.

This the first shadow for my man in the moon.

Rewind to first grade when

gentle Jamie carved my name onto his desktop

carved with a crayon, that is, in Burnt Sienna.

This the second shadow, and man, how many

years waxed until I

sat alone in the Men’s room at the Dominican Center

(half seeing is whole seeing, if being clear is the ultimate opacity)

knowing no nun would have the audacity to

look for me in there.

St. Catherine of the Crayon also known as Sienna

spoke from her Dialogues as I sat there alone.

Be who God meant you to be and you will set the whole world on fire.

How much like candlewax can memories sometimes be

with heat that stings, that sears, when one nears what’s

supposed reality.

Half-moon is whole moon, depending on the light of day, and

boys who sing soprano ‘til age fifteen are often, at least by popular vote, gay, but

half seeing is whole seeing, if being clear is the ultimate opacity, and I have burned for

Jamie and been on fire with my wife in the conflagration of that audacity known as the

ravishing expansion of the movement of divine Light poured into my soul.

And it doesn’t care which of me is half, which of me is whole