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A quarterly international literary journal

The Black Man

/ Poetry /

Answering the call from eternity

Formed from the dusk and born into humanity

His origin most known of a foreign land

Strength far powerful than the use of his hands

Descendants as the sand which is upon the sea

Rulers and kings fear what he can be

Brutality from those sworn to keep us safe

Their sacrifices never forget his face

Ships led to slavery and scars on this back

Unspeakable crimes couldn't keep him off track

Within his DNA lies unlimited potential

The White House bears witness to his credentials

Misunderstood he's been through a lot

Detail greater than being unfairly shot

Countless contribution to the world who can count

40 acres and a mule could never settle his account

Fear and jealousy caused history writers to lie

His impact and power no one can hide

Husband Father Brother he proudly takes his stand

He is the black man


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