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A quarterly international literary journal

SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder)

/ Poetry /

the calendar’s voice is dark / even brine salt is gray / an endless hourglass / gray goes black / it

still surprises me / sneaks up on me / Time to turn the clocks back! / restlessness creeps in on a

drunken moon / my vinyl blinds won’t lie flat / the grimy strings, a midnight noose / who

makes up names for all the babies anyway?

i trip on an extension cord / sink into every stain / a million exclamation points pierce my skin /

feelings bleed out / my pills run out / i string despondent bras over a mirror / crawl into an

empty space / swallow an invisible blanket / wait for mermaids to sing

i’m not thinking a damn thing / but go mad when my rind splits open / ornaments of a broken

life / i count backwards / wait for the moon to sober up / even the clock won’t talk to me / can

a lizard grow back from a single cell?

i remember floating on the beach under rays of light / a lover’s hand in my pocket melting

loneliness / when i looked good photographed naked / when i remembered my name / the

sun must be a lonely star

i’m out of wine again retreat resign resolve escape in my nightie to kiss the

cold sidewalk open my mouth like a goldfish waiting to be found.


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