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Alan Sincic

A teacher at Valencia College, Alan Sincic’s fiction has appeared in Boulevard Online, New Ohio Review, The Greensboro Review, The Saturday Evening Post, Masters Review,, and elsewhere. Other stories have won contests sponsored by The Texas Observer, Hunger Mountain, Press 53 Prime Number, Driftwood Press, Pulp Literature, First Pages Prize, Big Fiction, Orison, Azure, Broad River Review, The Prism Review and others.

After an MA in Lit at the University of Florida and a poetry fellowship at Columbia, he earned his MFA at Western New England University. He spent over a dozen years in NYC as a writer and performer—comic/satirical pieces that eventually became a pair of full-length plays (American Obsessions and Breaking Glass) at the Orlando International Fringe Festival.

Currently he’s seeking an agent to represent The Slapjack, a novel manuscript that won the 2021 First Pages Prize, and portions of which won several of the contests listed above. Come visit him at


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